Welcome To Natsumi no sato

In our inn, “Natsumi-no-sato”, we serve homemade Japanese food which is mainly made from locally grown vegetables and meat.
Some veggies are directly from our farm.

July and August, you can enjoy haskap and blueberry picking.(Depends on the weather, though).
We sell our homemade fruit jam as well.
In our souvenir shop, we sell many kinds of handmade knick-knacks, like embroidered pouches or coasters using the designs of Biei hills.



1night with breakfast and dinner 1night with dinner 1night with breakfast 1night with no meal
Adult ¥9800 ¥8800 ¥7800 ¥6800
7 to 12 years old ¥8800 ¥7800 ¥6800 ¥5800
3 to 6 years old ¥6800 ¥5800 ¥4800 ¥3800
0 to 2 years old ¥5500 ¥4500 ¥3500 ¥2500
solo travelers during the high season ¥16600 ¥15600 ¥14600 ¥13600
Rental of an old folk house : 1 night with no meal(¥25000/up to 5 people)

Time Table

  • Time for chek in : 16:00~
  • Time for chek out : ~10:00
  • Dinner Time : 18:30~
  • Breakfast Time : 7:30~

Early check-in (from 1 PM) Add 1000 yen per person.
Late check-out (until 11: 30) Additional 500 yen per 30 minutes for each person.

Pick up time

Currently, we do not have the pick-up service.   m(__)m
The price is about 1000 yen by taxi from Biei Station up to our inn.


Japanese-style room (Up to four people)
Twin room
Japanese-style room (Up to four people)
Triple room
Dining room
Dining room
Lobby of the second floor
Lobby of the second floor
Bath room
Bath room
There are two Japanese style rooms with a private bath room. Suitable for five or more people.


  • Towels and hair-dryers are available for use in your room with free of charge.
  • Please bring your own pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste.
    Pajamas are available to rent for ¥200.
    Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste are available for ¥350.
  • Parking is available without charge.
  • We offer free shuttle service to Biei JR station.
  • We accept credit cards. (visa, m/c, JCB)
  • Internet service is available.

We clean your rooms once every other day for the guests who stay two or more days.

We give you 200yen discount per person when you have more than eleven people in your group.

-It takes about 15minutes by car from our place to Asahikawa Airport.
-It takes about 40minutes on foot from our place to Biei JR station.

Feel free to email us for any questions.

Cancel policy

Please let us know if you need to cancel your reservations as soon as possible.
Cancellation charges as follows:

  • 7 days before the date of your stay: 50% of the total rate for a night.
  • 2 days before the date of your stay: 80% of the total rate for a night.
  • No sow or same day or 1day before the date of your stay: 100% of the total rate for a night.